ESG Maturity Evaluation 

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Organizational ESG Supply Chain Strategy

Q 1. Does your company have a formal process to understand and identify ESG supply chain risks?
Q 2. Has your company set ESG supply chain targets?
Q 3. Has your company created incentive structures aligned to ESG performance?
Q 4. What is the governance structure of your company’s ESG supply chain?
Q 5. Does your company publish your ESG strategy and provide capacity building resources for your supply chain?


6 - 10

Q 6. What ESG Standards do you use for the Supply Chain: GRI, SASB, UNGC, CDP, WEF, ISO,, etc.(Select all the apply)

ESG Supply Chain Risk Management

Q 7. Has your company integrated ESG into supplier assessment?
Q 8. How often does your company perform an ESG risk mapping exercise?
Q 9. How does your company audit suppliers?

ESG Integration

Q 10. Does your company integrate ESG considerations into supplier policies and contracts?

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Transparency and Traceability

Q 11. Has your company performed supply chain mapping (Gathering information about your suppliers, their suppliers to understand your global supplier network)?
Q 12. How does your company measure and report on ESG supply chain performance?

Supplier Engagement

Q 13. How does your company communicate ESG targets and strategy with suppliers?
Q 14. How does your company ensure supplier compliance with ESG-related policies?
Q 15. Does your company offer incentives to suppliers to improve ESG performance?

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16 - 19

Q 16. Does your company educate suppliers on ESG issues and help them improve ESG performance?
Q 17. Does your company collaborate with suppliers to address ESG issues?


Q 18. Does your company participate in industry initiatives promoting ESG harmonization?
Q 19. Does your company actively participate in collective efforts to address industry-level ESG challenges?

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