Supply Chain Risk Review

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General review

Q 1. What primary Industry do you operate in?

Q 2. How many suppliers do you have in your supply chain?

Operational Risk

Q 3. How many sites does your organization manage?
Q 4. What percentage of your organizations spend is on a purchase order?

Survey below pertains to information collected from your Suppliers/Vendors/Contractors

Q 5. Safety Information:
Q 6. Financial Information:

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7 - 12

Q 7. Business continuity information:
Q 8. How much visibility do you have into the compliance of the subcontractors of your suppliers ?

Reputational Risk

Q 9. Sustainability & ESG Information:
Q 10. Diversity, equity & inclusion information:

Compliance Risk

Q 11. Cyber Security Information:
Q 12. Regulatory Compliance Information