More than 2.78 million deaths and 374 million non-fatal injuries occur every year in the workplace. How much do you know about safety at your workplace? Take this quiz to test your knowledge.

10 Questions

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Workplace Safety

Q 1. Wearing a back belt is a proven way to minimize the risk of back injury at work.
Q 2. Voltage above which of these levels is considered dangerous?
Q 3. Prior to using the electrical instruments
Q 4. Which class of fire is electrical and occurs in or near the equipment such as motors, switchboards, and electrical wiring?
Q 5. What is the first thing an employer needs to do according to the health and safety at work act?


6 - 10

Q 6. _____ is (are) considered hazardous.
Q 7. Do not run over power cords with dollies or carts.
Q 8. Extension cords must have the following:
Q 9. Electrical fires most often start from which of these reasons?
Q 10. Be familiar with building exits, fire-fighting and first aid equipment.

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